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Clutter Image Rating System:

This system is used by many in the field as a way to accurately define the clutter level and to measure and record changes.

The Clutter Image Rating has visuals for Living Room, Kitchen and Bedroom and is a tool for comparing levels of hoarding. Combined with the number system outlined below it provides a common language when discussing hoarding.

The Clutter Image Rating - Numbers outline the severity of the hoarding in correlation with the images.

Clutter Image Rating Scale

  1. No evidence of hoarding
  2. Clutter problem beginning – subclinical hoarding.
  3. Mild hoarding if room like this most of the time.
  4. Moderate hoarding problem.
  5. Serious hoarding problem.
  6. Very serious hoarding problem.
  7. Severe hoarding...substantial impairment.
  8. Very severe hoarding
  9. Extreme hoarding problems.

Clutter Image Rating is now available as a free app that can be obtained through the App store. Presently only available for Apple devices. 

Video Tools

This video demonstrates a comparison between old and new furniture and how quickly flashover occurs with modern furnishings; and this is without the added fuel loads found in hoarding situations.








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