Canberra Living Conditions Network
Developing a coordinated response to Squalor and Hoarding
in the Canberra Community


Catholic Community Services NSW/ACT:  Squalor and Hoarding Toolkit


Family and Community Services (NSW): Home Safety Checklist - Squalor


SA Health: Severe Domestic Squalor Guideline and Policy

SA Website:


International OCD Foundation Hoarding Centre:


Institute for Challenging Disorganization:


Hoarding and Squalor (Department of Health Victoria):


Hoarding Resources in the Loddon Mallee Region, Victoria


Hoarding in Brisbane: 


Pathways through the Maze: National Squalor and Hoarding Conference 2014 in Sydney, September: 2014


Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria


In the News

Hanging on: When the hunter-gatherer compulsion for particular objects goes too far, Domain, August 31 2015


Canberra's hoarders learn to see trash in treasure, The Canberra Times,


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    • Launch of the CLCN Website

      Launch of the CLCN Website


        The Canberra Living Conditions Network is proud to launch a one stop website for workers and the...

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    • Guest Presenter at CLCN SDG Meeting


      We are pleased to announce that we have a guest speaker ath the CLCN SDG Meeting on Tuesday 11th...

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    • Training Information and Flyers


      Below are printable training information flyers that can be printed out. Please note that these...

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    • Sector Development Group Meetings 2017 - FREE


            Sector Development Group (SDG) Monthly meetings to discuss sector issues Working groups are formed to...

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