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CLCN on hold until 2018

Update on CLCN 2017/2018
With the working year for 2017 rapidly coming to an end, it is fitting to provide an update in regard to CLCN activities, particularly in relation to recent Sector Development Meetings being cancelled.
The CLCN is a group of executives, managers and workers from community, government and private agencies, who work together to share information,develop skills and advocate for better services to respond to squalor and hoarding in the Canberra community.
While the CLCN started 2017 with enthusiasm and drive with an Executive group consisting of 6 - 8 key individuals across the sector, it became apparent that some members were unable to make a firm and ongoing commitment to supporting the

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CLCN and ADACAS Link and Learn:  Supported Decision Making Forum

Workers supporting people dealing with squalor and hoarding are often faced with questions around choice and capacity.  CLCN are hosting ADACAS to provide their Link and Learn training session on supported decision making and provide an opportunity to discuss this approach in relation to squalor and hoarding.

The ADACAS Link and Learn project defines supported decision making as happening when one person gives another person the support they need to be engaged in decision making. It can support legal and day to day decision. A person may need support because their decision making capacity is impaired from a variety of factors.  

There is a decision support role for people sharing their lives with a person who has impaired decision making. It offers a way to give support that enables the person with impaired capacity to live the life they would choose for themselves.

Come along and join the discussion on Thursday 18 February at 1.30pm- 3.30pm at Hughes Community Centre, Whittle St, Hughes.  

RSVP – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone Cate on 6221 9539