Dr Christopher Mogan, PhD

On Monday 15 June, Dr Christopher Mogan, PhD, a Melbourne based Clinical Psychologist, visited Canberra to talk about squalor and hoarding. Dr Mogan's practice and research interests are in the application of cognitive and behavourial principles to complex presentations of depression and anxiety, and he has specialised in developing group and individual programs for social anxiety, panic, trauma, problem worry and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

In the daytime forum, Dr Mogan spoke to a gathering of professionals from a wide range of community and mental health services and housing providers. In the evening public lecture, entitled Collector? Keeper? Hoarder? , around 140 people heard Dr Mogan provide an insight into hoarding issues adn talk about support options including the Buried iN Treasures Workshop.

You can download his slideshow presentations under Resources/ Documents.