Canberra Living Conditions Network
Developing a coordinated response to Squalor and Hoarding
in the Canberra Community

Past Events

Guest Presenter at CLCN SDG Meeting

We are pleased to announce that we have a guest speaker ath the CLCN SDG Meeting on Tuesday 11th July 2017


Wayne Shaw from ACT Fire and Rescue 

Will do a presentation on the Risk and Hazard Analysis section of the ACTF&R.  This will cover the position and the different functions involved; there will also be a significant part which covers squalor and hoarding.

Launch of the CLCN Website



The Canberra Living Conditions Network is proud to launch a one stop website for workers and the general public interested in the issue of hoarding and squalor in the ACT.

This resource is supported by the Capital Health Network-led Partners in Recovery Program (PIR).

By providing a comprehensive and practical website, we hope to build and encourage better connections within the community and to educate and support everyone affected by the issue of hoarding and squalor -

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Dr Christopher Mogan, PhD

On Monday 15 June, Dr Christopher Mogan, PhD, a Melbourne based Clinical Psychologist, visited Canberra to talk about squalor and hoarding. Dr Mogan's practice and research interests are in the application of cognitive and behavourial principles to complex presentations of depression and anxiety, and he has specialised in developing group and individual programs for social anxiety, panic, trauma, problem worry and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

In the daytime forum, Dr Mogan spoke to a

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