Canberra Living Conditions Network
Developing a coordinated response to Squalor and Hoarding
in the Canberra Community

Sector Development Group Meetings 2017 - FREE

  *** CLCN activities are currently on hold, to start again if possible in 2018. ***

For more information see Update on CLCN 2017/2018 


Sector Development Group (SDG)

  • Monthly meetings to discuss sector issues
  • Working groups are formed to focus on specific deliverables or subject areas

Professional Community Events 

  • Support workers through sharing knowledge and resources and developing techniques
  • Includes forums, training, networking and other activities

CLCN aims to promote a sector-wide response for the development of a coordinated, multi-disciplinary, adequately funded and systemic response to squalor and hoarding in the Canberra community, by:

  • Developing training opportunities, service capacity, and knowledge sharing across a broad cross-section of government and non-government organisations.
  • Developing appropriate tools to aid the sharing of information and the development of techniques to intervene in identified squalor and/or hoarding cases for positive living conditions results for individuals and families.
  • Collecting data
  • to develop a profile of squalor and hoarding in the Canberra community
  • to evaluate tools and techniques used in the sector
  • to measure the impact of changes in funding or services
  • Advocating for change in service provision for squalor and hoarding based on gaps and needs identified.
  • Seeking financial and systemic support for the development of a coordinated response to squalor and hoarding in the Canberra community.



1:30 - 3:00

Nature Conservation House,, 186 Emu Bank, Belconnen ACT 2617


11th July

8th August

5th September

10th October

14th November

12th December