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*** CLCN activities are currently on hold, to start again if possible in 2018. ***
For more information see Update on CLCN 2017/2018


The Canberra Living Conditions Network (CLCN) brings together agencies across Canberra working with people living with squalor or hoarding, to support workers and develop services across the community sector.

The Sector Development Group seeks to hold events for the Network at least four times a year to support workers through sharing knowledge and resources, and developing skills to improve living conditions for individuals and families in the Canberra community. 

Managers and workers in agencies involved in this area are welcome to come along and help to arrange training and events, gather information, identify gaps and issues, share information on new or changing services, and help develop sector responses.

The Network's Sector Development Group meets monthly, usually on the third Wednesday of every month from 2-3.30pm, in the Ainslie Village Dining Room. The group seeks to develop a coordinated, multidisciplinary, adequately funded and systematic response to squalor and hoarding in the Canberra Community.

The ways to be involved with CLCN are many and varied:

First up, head to the home page and sign up to receive updates.

If your interest is personal:

We are looking to run future events targeted for those who are dealing with this issue personally (self, friend, family, neighbour). By signing up to regular emails, you will be provided with the event updates as well as the latest information and resources to assist yourself or a friend/family member.

If your interest is professional:

We are arranging professional development events that will answer your questions, provide assitance and support. You will also connect with other workers in the Canberra community who are assisting people with this issue. 

We are presently researching and developing training for workers in the community sector that will provide local information around the issue and practical guidance. By signing up to regular emails, you will be provided with event and training updates.

Sector Development Group Meetings are held monthly and you are welcome to attend.

Also,you can choose to receive event and training information straight to your inbox as soon as it is released, including upcoming meeting information.

We are always happy for feedback, so if you have suggestions or comments about how we can support workers and develop services around the issue of Squalor and Hoarding in Canberra, please feel free to Contact Us.