Canberra Living Conditions Network
Developing a coordinated response to Squalor and Hoarding
in the Canberra Community
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  • About the CLCN

    The Canberra Living Conditions Network consists of managers and workers from community and government agencies, and private enterprise, who provide services to individuals and families living in squalor and hoarding situations.

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The Canberra Living Conditions Network (CLCN)

The Canberra Living Conditions Network (CLCN) brings together agencies across Canberra working with people living with squalor, clutter or hoarding, to support workers and develop services across the community sector.

Squalor and Hoarding are complex issues that can present in a number of different forms. To be able to properly tackle these issues in a clear understanding of these different presentations and the possible reasons behind them is essential.

  • What is Squalor? +

    Squalor is a condition that is often described as filthy, unclean and foul and one which has come about through Learn more
  • What is Hoarding? +

    Hoarding and cluttering involves excessive collection of items (which appear to have little or no value) and a failure to Learn more
  • What is Animal Hoarding? +

    The accumulation of large numbers of animals that overwhelms the person’s ability to provide a minimum standard of nutrition, sanitation Learn more
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  • Latest News

    • Launch of the CLCN Website

      Launch of the CLCN Website


        The Canberra Living Conditions Network is proud to launch a one stop website for workers and the...

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  • Events

    • Guest Presenter at CLCN SDG Meeting


      We are pleased to announce that we have a guest speaker ath the CLCN SDG Meeting on Tuesday 11th...

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    • Training Information and Flyers


      Below are printable training information flyers that can be printed out. Please note that these...

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    • Sector Development Group Meetings 2017 - FREE


            Sector Development Group (SDG) Monthly meetings to discuss sector issues Working groups are formed to...

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